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Controlling illegal copies of software

What type of safeguard can be used to control illegal copies of software on the LANs. There are number of softwares in the market focusing on Anti-Piracy and Asset Management. Products like KeyServer, License Broker, McAfee ServiceDesk and SentinelTrack do a great job in restricting illegal copying of the software on a network along with providing License management and system audits. Apart from the above solution, make sure to have a well-defined and strictly implemented Computer/Network usage Policy. Also, it's a good practice to:
  • Force restrictive access system policy for users.
  • Display legal banners on network logons.
  • Never grant local admin rights on the machines.
  • Use Systems Management software for Hardware/Software inventory and software distributions.
  • Restrict users from downloading softwares from the Internet.
  • This was last published in October 2002

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