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Connectivity issue with SonicWall

We currently have a VPN connection (SonicWall) with three of our other branches. We've set up individual connections and specified individual range of IP addresses. Under the VPN tab if I were to change the IP Start Range and End Range to the entire range of IP's (e.g. - that we are using, will our individual connections still work?

Currently, if I try to connect to our server in UK from home, I can't go through. I have a VPN client on my home PC and it only allows me to connect to my own server. The purpose is to allow remote connections of each location to connect directly to the other server locations.

Your opinion will be very much appreciated? Thanks.
Hi Eddie,
I believe that SonicWall requires you to connect to each location one-at-a-time from your VPN client. So, the site-to-site connections can be meshed (each location can be connected to all the other locations at the same time) but the remote access client can only connect to one location at a time.

If you were to tell the client that one of the locations had all the addresses (e.g., - then the client would route all traffic to that location. The problem is that you would then need to configure that SonicWall at the first location to redirect traffic to other locations through the site-to-site tunnels. So, the client sends all traffic to the SonicWall whose local network is The SonicWall at location 10.0 would need to then send packets destined for other networks through its tunnel to those networks.

Many VPN products do not support this capability. I'm not certain about SonicWall.
Hope this helps.

This was last published in January 2003

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