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Connecting two or more networks

I have two separate networks I wish to connect using wireless technology. One is currently wireless and the other wired. I want to connect the two networks wirelessly. I have two wireless routers and would like to make each of them talk to each other (a Net Gear MR814 and a DLink DI614). Is this possible, or will this require a wireless AP?
When looking to connect two or more networks together there are two different features that will fulfill your requirements, namely "Wireless Bridging" and "Access Point Repeater Mode."

Under normal circumstances two access points are unable to relay traffic between one another unless they support 'Repeater Mode' - a feature which is still vendor specific and not offered by most SOHO equipment such as DLINK.

Unfortunately, bridging (like almost all of the advanced features of wireless networking) is also a proprietary feature and designed for either point-point or point-multipoint connections. In your situation you really have two choices; firstly you could run a cable between the networks but that doesn't realty satisfy your criteria but does provide connectivity, alternatively you could do some research and see which vendors offer repeating or bridging (I have a feeling that the current NetGear devices do) and standardize on a vendor. You could then configure the APs to 'repeat' information between one another and hence provide the connectivity that you require.

This was last published in June 2003

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