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Configuring stateless DHCP IPv6

I am trying to configure stateless DHCP IPv6 but it does not work. I ran a debug IPv6 DHCP and I do not see any packet from either the DHCP server or client. How do I configure the server to advertise certain prefixes? Or does it simply advertise the prefixes from the configured IP addresses on the interface?
Unfortunately, I cannot answer the first part of your question, as it is implementation specific. You'll have to check your DHCP server documentation to find out.

On the second part, the DHCP server does not advertise prefixes. Prefixes are advertised by routers in Router Advertisements. Once the client has IPv6 addresses by combining the advertised prefixes with its interface ID it will get additional configuration information from the stateless DHCP server. Obviously, that one can run on a router, so in the end it can be the same box accomplishing both tasks.

This was last published in August 2005

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