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Configuring a wireless network

I have an ADSL router already connected to my wired LAN. I want to add a wireless LAN from it. Is that possible? What kind of product would you recommend so I can use my laptops in wireless connection. Thanks a lot, and I will very much appreciate your response.
All you really need to do is purchase a SOHO grade 802.11b Wi-Fi access point and a wireless adapter for your laptop.

To help you choose an access point, I can personally recommend Linksys. I've recommended Linksys on many occasions and am yet to hear of a single problem. You can probably pick up a Linksys PCMCIA card for your laptop too and given the extra (proprietary) functionality that many vendors build into their cards it might be a good idea.

For information about configuring a home network I would recommending reading:

This was last published in August 2003

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