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Configuring Outlook Web Access on a firewall

I have a Cisco firewall pix and I want configure Outlook Web Access on it. Could you help me with the configuration (line command)?
Several possible scenarios came to mind, and since it isn't clear which of these you are dealing with I will try and point you to some references that can help. In the first, you are trying to establish http access into a dedicated IIS server for Outlook Web Access, and simply need to allow this in the configuration. External users would be allowed to reach the IIS server, and the IIS server would be able to reach the Exchange server (there are several variations possible here, depending on the tiers of you architecture).

In the second, you may be looking for configuring the access on an existing IIS server that handles other applications. This suggests another firewall between the IIS server and the Exchange server. Some guidance, though somewhat dated, can be found from Microsoft in their "Planning and Deploying Outlook Web Access white paper (http://members.microsoft.com/partner/products/officefamily/outlook/deployOutlook.doc). One additional thought, there are some known issues with Exchange servers, and Outlook clients when running through a Pix firewall. These stem from the differences in Microsoft's SMTP implementation from the RFC 2821. The PIX configuration guide for your version should be helpful as well as information found in "Cisco Security Specialist's Guide to PIX Firewalls" by Vitaly Osipov et al.

This was last published in August 2003

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