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Completing BA in Information Technology but have little experience - what kind of job can I qualify

I am pursuing my BA in information technology and management. I am specializing in network engineering. What will my options be regarding employment opportunities for me after passing because I have no experience other than some hands on experience. Can I fit for the network administrators post?
Your ability to find work will probably depend directly on your ability to describe the "hands on experience" to which you allude in your e-mail. I'd urge you to check out some good books on IT resumes and interviewing skills (for example, Paula Moreira's books: ACE the IT Interview and ACE the IT Resume are both great resources in showing you how to put your best self forward into the job interview process; search on author last name "Moreira" and the titles to learn more about hem) to get ready for that encounter. And yes, while I believe you can fit into a job as a network administrator, you will have to convince the hiring managers and other interviewers of your knowledge, interest, skills, and experience to qualify for such a job.
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This was last published in May 2003

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