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Completed MCSE - what more is needed to become a WAN expert?

I am a science graduate. I have done my MCSE in Track 4 and have good knowledge of NT. I have practical experience on setting up LANs. I am pretty comfortable in assembling and troubleshooting PCs. I have extensive experience of Internet connectivity on Dial up and broadband and also know proxy servers well.

I want to be a WAN expert. Currently I have no knowledge of Routers. How suitable it will be for me to do CCNA? Is my current background going to serve any help in my pursuit of a WAN professional? Please reply. Thanking you in advance
Your current background is much more LAN than WAN oriented, so you will have a fair amount to learn to become proficient in that subject matter. Because routers tie WANs and LANs together, you are correct to target them as one of the topics and technologies you must master to pursue your topic of interest. A CCNA would be a good way for you to dig further into the edges of this subject matter (the CCNP and various Cisco specializations will let you explore it further) and to determine if this is a real avocation or just a passing fancy.

Try the CCNA as a jumping off point, and you will find your MCSE and TCP/IP knowledge coming in handy as you dig further into the WAN side of networking.
Good luck!

This was last published in January 2003

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