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Comments on Nagios as a network management tool

What do you think Nagios host and services monitor as a network management tool? Good and Bad. Sorry for such a vague question but I am new to the field.
I can't give you my personal impressions of Nagios (a.k.a. NetSAINT) since I haven't worked with this open source network monitoring tool. The overwhelming obstacle for all NMS software is usually deployment. And configuration. And maintenance. In other words it is often hard to justify the effort in terms of the return.

Take a look at my comments in this answer:

Consider whether these best practices fit you and whether Nagios is a good choice.

If you are looking for background, consider the Nagios Web site
and the Linux Magazine overview article (still available for free),
or a site dedicated to overviews of the various systems available http://www.monitortools.com/cat_networksystem/

Whether it is a better or worse solution for you to consider really depends on your network and your objectives. And your best practices.

This was last published in June 2003

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