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Cisco switch configuration for a Cisco 3560 switch

Get configuration guidelines for a Cisco 3560 switch in this expert response.

Can you provide configuration guidelines for a Cisco 3560 switch to help me get started?

The Cisco 3560 series is a common choice for high-performance corporate network switching. The switch must be configured before it can be attached to the network. One option for configuration is to use the Express Setup utility that ships with the 3560 switches. Below is an outline of the recommended steps to follow to configure a 3650 switch using Express Setup. Note that some details may depend on the release, what you intend to do with the switch and how complex your environment is. Refer to the Cisco Configuration Guides for details and guidelines for specific releases of the 3560 switch. 

Cisco Catalyst 3560 configuration steps:

  • First, make sure to disconnect any cables connected to the switch.
  • Connect the AC power cord to the switch power connector and to a grounded AC outlet.
  • The LED lights on the front of the switch will blink to indicate the power-on self-test (POST) process has begun. When the "SYST LED" light on the front of the switch turns solid green, the POST is complete. As soon as you see that the POST is complete, press and hold the "Mode" button on the front of the switch for three seconds. Then, when all LEDs above the "Mode" button are green, release it.
  • Connect one end of a Category 5 Ethernet cable to any Ethernet port on the switch front panel, and the other end to the Ethernet port on your computer. Then open a Web browser on your computer and type "" in the Address bar, and press "Enter" -- this will open the "Express Setup" page and display the "Network Settings" fields.
  • In the "IP Address" field, enter the switch's IP address. Click the drop-down arrow in the "IP Subnet Mask" field and select an IP Subnet Mask. Enter the IP address of your network's gateway device, such as a router, in the "Default Gateway" field.
  • Next you will need to select a password – the password is case sensitive and it can be up to 25 characters. Type your new password in the "Switch Password" field and then re-enter it in the "Confirm Switch Password" field.
  • Select a name for the switch – up to 31 characters – and enter it in the "Host Name" field.
  • Populate the "System Date", "System Time" and "Time Zone" fields with the appropriate information.
  • Click the "Submit" button to exit Express Setup mode and complete the setup configuration.

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