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Cisco switch code questions

What is the difference between the Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition of a Cisco switch?
Cisco makes a number of different versions of software for just about all of their products. For their standalone (i.e., NOT chassis based) switches they offered the CatOS software in two versions: standard and enterprise.

The Standard versions shipped with the switch by default and was offered at no extra charge. It had most of the features for daily monitoring and management.

The Enterprise version had support for VLANs and trunking using 802.1Q, ISL and so forth. Since these features are for business use, Cisco had an additional charge for Enterprise code.

Recently (in the last 3 months or so), Cisco has discontinued the Standard version. They now have the Enterprise code by default, at no extra cost. If you have a switch with Standard code, you can simply install the Enterprise code in the usual way and you will have a fully featured Cisco switch.

This was last published in July 2001

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