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Cisco specialty on top of the generic CCNP Certification -- a good one two punch?

Our expert, Ed Tittel, offers his insight on where the greater demand in the industry is between CCSP and CCVP.

My question is simple: I do not believe I have the bandwidth at present to pursue the elusive CCIE, hence I am trying to decide if I should engage the CCSP or the CCVP track. Because I have a good background in either focus area, the decision is not easy (I am already CCNP Certified). I do believe a Cisco specialty on top of the generic CCNP certification may be a good one two punch. Where do you think the greater demand in the industry is?

Dear John:

Both security and voice are more or less equally hot/in-demand right now, so you should let your interests guide you one way or the other. In terms of pure numbers, however, assuming you really don't want to or can't decide between these two areas, I'd still give security something of an edge over voice. But that could easily change in the next 12 months, according to job market/compensation tracking firms, like Foote Partners, that have observed ongoing and increasing growth for voice but something of a flattening out for security. I understand why this is a hard call, but remind you that your interest in a subject will keep you excited about work long after the thrill of a new job or a bigger paycheck has come and gone.

This was last published in September 2006

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