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Cisco router load balancing configuration for DSL lines, Ethernet interfaces

Expert Sudhanshu Gupta lists the options available for configuring a Cisco router to perform load balancing among two Ethernet interfaces and DSL lines in this response.

I have two DSL lines and one Cisco router with two Ethernet interfaces. How can I configure the router to perform load balancing among two interfaces?

There are a few configuration options for you:

  • First, you can run a routing protocol which will do load balancing, not a 50:50 kind of balance, but a fairly good one.
  • Another option is... to have two static routes of the same cost with destination as the DSL interfaces. If you have enabled route-cache, you can consider switching it off.
  • Your next option is to divide the network into two with access list. Now point one network to one interface and the other one to the second interface using route map.
This was last published in February 2007

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