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Checkpoint CCSE certification

I am currently certified as an MCP in NT Server4.0, AS/400 Associate Operator. I am just starting to study for 2000 MCSE/MCSA. I was wondering what your thoughts are about the Checkpoint CCSE certification or do you feel that the security Certs you have mentioned in previous questions are the best?
If you work in an environment where CheckPoint systems or equipment are in use, it's not at all a bad certification to have. I tend to cover vendor-neutral certifications because they (a) help people deal with the whole general subject matter and (b) don't focus in on product or release specific information. That said, the CheckPoint program is growing robustly and appears to offer meaningful job opportunities in organizations that use their products. Thus, it's not that other programs I've mentioned are better or worse, it's just that they apply across the board to as many work situations as possible. If you know that you can get work with a CheckPoint credential in hand, there's no reason not to pursue one. By the same token if you want to make a career out of the security area, it would probably be a good idea to tackle the TICSA (TruSecure ICSA credential), and some more senior credential like CISSP, TICSE, or something else that interests you as well, to establish yourself as someone with a strong general background in the subject matter, as well as a set of vendor-specific credentials.

Good luck with your studies. I hope you find this information useful and informative.

This was last published in July 2002

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