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Certifications but no experience

Ed, I am currently studying HND Internetworking, CCNA and A+ Hardware certifications and I am apprehensive of securing employment once qualified, any pointers for companies in Glasgow to contact in reference to employment? Thanks Al.
Dear Alan:
Given the various credentials you mention -- all of which are entry-level -- you should anticipate some difficulty in finding work (unless the Glaswegian economy is significantly stronger than that in the US right now.) The problem is that employers tend to prefer candidates with some level of experience and hands-on skill (as opposed to a list of initials representing certifications without experience to back them up). I'd urge you to look for internship or volunteer work right away to start getting some experience: check with local charities, non-profits, schools, and so forth to see if volunteer or "student level" work might be available. Also, when the time comes to look for work, don't neglect your no doubt substantial "human network" of family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances when trolling for good opportunities. The best jobs, as the old saying goes, are never advertised -- so please don't rely solely on advertisements, online postings, or resume circulation sites to help you find your next job.
Good luck!
This was last published in January 2003

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