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Certification or specialization

With the CCNP and the CCDP under my belt, what is the next best move, certification or specialization? CCIP would add the credentials to the resume but specialization in VoIP seems to be a focus of many companies this year. What's your take?
I think you're on the right track. Provided there are job opportunities in your area (and I urge you to research this as part of your decision making process) VoIP or Security seem to be hot specializations with legs for the next 5 years or beyond. OTOH, CCIP leading on to CCIE isn't a bad path to follow either. Let your employment aspirations guide your choices. Reading national trade rags and newspapers, and trolling big job posting sites (I.E., dice.com, monster.com, etc.) I'd urge you to try to identify 10-20 positions that "might" interest you. Compile some stats on their requirements. Follow the path that's most likely to take you where you want to go!
This was last published in February 2003

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