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Capturing info with PDA

I have following questions regarding a network design problem for a Wafer fab manufacturing plant.

1) The company has 50 machines that have no network connection but need to capture the operator and machine time utilization using a wireless PDA. How can I achieve this effectively? How many PDAs are required to capture this info -- per shift?

2) 100 machines have AppleTalk network and need to connect to connect to Ethernet. How can I connect these machines as I can only connect a max of 32 machines in AppleTalk network?

3) Are there any wiring requirement for a clean room production environment?

1) I am sure there are other individuals that would disagree with me but I am not sure I would want to capture that information with wireless PDA's. Wireless laptops maybe but even then wireless in inherently insecure. I would feel much more comfortable shooting that type of information across a wired network. Seems to me you would want to shoot this type of information off to a database.

2) I am not an Apple/Mac expert; however to the best of my knowledge Mac's will support Ethernet. There should be support of tokentalk, ethertalk and localtalk. Of these three types Mac's can pass data up the stack with DDP (Datagram Delivery Protocol) or TCP/IP.

3) Now you would probably want the machine to have at least a 68030 processor. If that's the case then look in the control panels for TCP/IP then choose connect via Ethernet.

4) If you need Ethernet network equipment check the Apple Web site. Apple sells wireless solutions and I believe I have seen Apples with Asante networking equipment attached.

This was last published in March 2003

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