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Can't contact or find server using the domain name

I have a local server (Windows 2000) in my home. I am running IIS for my Web sites. In order to reach the Web sites on my local server or from other computers in my home I must use the server name in the address box of the browser. It will not accept the domain name (cannot find.) I can reach the Web sites from outside my home, I need to be able to contact the Web sites by using the domain address. I have a message board that I have installed for our 50th high school reunion and although it works outside my home, I cannot add a message from inside because the link points to my domain name (which I cannot access from my home.)

A very neat problem indeed, which could be the result of a few things.

Firstly you mention that you cannot contact or find your server using the domain name, this points to a problem with your DNS resolution. If you are running your own DNS server on the same server the Web site is served, then you need to:

a) Make sure your workstations are all correctly configured to use the DNS server

b) The DNS server itself is correctly configured, especially if your using Active Directory. You might be missing a few critical resource records (RR's). Generally, you can use the 'nslookup' utility from your workstations to see if the DNS is resolving correctly to internal clients.

A quick way around the problem would be to edit your

file and enter the required details as shown in the examples contained within the file.
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