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Can you write a CCNP exam through a CCNA ID?

Using an expired Cisco ID to take your next exam? See what Cisco certification expert David Minutella says about writing a CCNP exam through a CCNA ID.

I am CCNA certified. My Cisco ID CSCO10565093 is valid through November 16, 2005. Can I write the CCNP exam through this CCNA ID?

When you took the exam at your testing center, the Cisco ID was automatically generated. If you go back to that same testing center, they should already have your Cisco ID in the system. However, I would also be cautious and give them your Cisco ID when you take your CCNP exams just to make sure their records are accurate. If you are taking the exam at a different testing center, it is imperative that you give them your Cisco ID when you schedule the CCNP exams so Cisco has an accurate record of tracking your certification progress.
This was last published in March 2007

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