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Can you tell me a bit about Netscreen's presence in market?

I recently received an employment offer where I will get a chance to work on the Netscreen firewalls/products. I haven't heard much about Netscreen. Can you tell me a bit about Netscreen's presence in market?
In the enterprise firewall market Netscreen competes with some major players like Cisco and Checkpoint. The product features high-availability, deep inspection and Network deployment modes, which makes integrating a firewall solution very easy in any network configuration. Netscreen's Security appliances and systems include a Firewall and an IPSEC VPN, both of which certified by Common Criteria and ICSA. Coming to performance, I think it is a strong and stable firewall. Since you are new to netscreen, I am sure you would love some of its features like segmentation and Virtual Systems. The company has a good client base along with a good technical support.

Hope that gives you a fair idea about this product. For more information on the product offering, please check out Netscreen's Web site.

This was last published in February 2004

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