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Can you help me diagnose why my connection drops on my Sony Vaio?

I just read your response on D-Link WLAN access point and router DI-614+. I have the same access point/router and a Linksys NIC card on my Sony Vaio laptop. My problem is that I get connected to the Internet but then after every few minutes, the connection is dropped. This happens only my Sony Vaio laptop and not on other laptops. I have changed the settings yet the problem persists. Can you suggest what I should be doing to correct this problem?
First, I will assume that you mean that you are losing your wireless connection every few minutes. If you are losing another connection (like your VPN tunnel) every few minutes, that's a different problem.

Because the problem occurs on your Vaio laptop, I'd start with the settings on your Vaio and the Linksys NIC that you are using there. If you have another laptop (or can borrow one from a colleague or friend), try the Linksys NIC there. Ideally, that laptop should be running the same operating system so that you can completely eliminate (or prove) the NIC as the culprit.

If you encounter the same problem using that NIC on another laptop, then you'll want to look for firmware and client software updates for your NIC and try reconfiguring adapter-level settings.

If you don't encounter the same problems on another laptop, then suspect your Vaio laptop and/or operating system. If you're running Windows XP, try changing settings as described in this ATE response. You may want to try unchecking the box that lets Windows manage your wireless settings and manually configure your NIC. You may also want to try disabling Windows Wireless Zero Config. Once you know you have a stable wireless connection, then you can go about debugging any dropped application connections that persist.

This was last published in July 2003

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