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Can you advice me how to improve the access speed of a data base on my server accessed via telnet?

I currently have a database, which is held on a central server and is accessed via telnet, this is extremely slow and the software interface is now dated. This needs to be updated.

I don't have much experience in networking, and I was hoping someone may be able to inform me of how I could improve this.
The information you are providing regarding the problem you are facing is not enough to allow me to pin point your bottleneck. However if I am correct, essentially you require a faster connection to the central server in order to give you more realistic speeds when working with the database.

Depending on your current setup, budget and connection type (Internet or WAN), you have a few different options. The problem here is that you must take in consideration a lot of other parameters to ensure you implement a safe and fast connection to the central server.

For example, if the connection is over the Internet and your connecting to a remote server via a 56K dialup to your ISP, then you might consider upgrading to a 64K or 128K ISDN dialup link while implementing a peer-to-peer VPN. This will give you adequate protection and a much faster connection to the remote server.

On the other hand, if your server is located at a remote office that's connected to your network via a dialup link, then you can either upgrade that link by adding an additional dialup modem, the cheapest way out, or alternative replace it with an 64K ISDN link. The VPN here is optional but highly recommended!

The above are a few suggestions for you to consider, but also might not satisfy your needs. If this is the case, spend a few hours online searching for ways to upgrade your existing WAN structure to suite your needs.

This was last published in December 2003

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