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Can we use a L3 switch and make separate subnets?

We have a 100 Mb Ethernet drop from our ISP off of a Cisco 15454 Router. The router belongs to our ISP so we can't use the router to configure subnets, etc. We are going to provide bandwidth to six to 10 different ip blocks for tenants within our building. Is it safe to assume that this would be best done with L3 switch where we could control bandwidth and packet shaping?
You can very well use a L3 switch and make separate subnets for your clients. And you can also control bandwidth and do QoS. Limitation would be the L3 switch you will choose. But if you don't have substantially high number of users you can safely choose a switch from 3750 or 355o series of Cisco.
This was last published in August 2003

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