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Can we implement a Class of service to guarantee which traffic has priority?

We have an AS400 with 4 Ethernet cards each going to a separate Cisco 2600.Each network on different subnets. Each router shares the same external CSU to a full T1 frame circuit back to our main office. This was done to keep traffic separated. Now we are thinking about redesigning the layout and putting everything on the same network. What do you think would be the best design for this setup? Can we implement a Class of service to guarantee which traffic has priority?
Yes, that is very much doable. You can define different class of service and assign them different priorities. All you need to do is to profile your traffic first. So that you can find out which traffic need to be prioritize and up to what level. Once you do that you can make a policy assigning different classes in different groups and assign them the required treatment. Now apply this policy to the serial interface on which your DSU is connected.

You can also use VLANS to segregate the traffic. One router, one switch and AS400 will solve your purpose. Four routers is definitely not a good design.

This was last published in July 2003

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