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Can routers be configured to send files to appropriate servers?

Our routing expert explains how to configure your router to send files to assigned servers in this expert response.

If I want to send a file to a certain server on a continuous basis can I configure a router to recognize that file and send it to the appropriate server?

For instance, I want to send a report to a company. The report automatically gets created daily and sometimes more than once. But I don't want to have to upload it to the server every time. (Let's also say that the system sending is stupid, which is why I want the router to do it.) How can I automate this?

Routers are meant for routing the packets received on one interface to the other interface. Certain routers supporting Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) can do application recognition, but other routers will not be able to check when a file creation is complete.

An easier way to accomplish what you want to do would be to use a task scheduler, which can push the file as soon as it gets created and the router can route that file to the destination.

I hope that helps.

This was last published in April 2008

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