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Can my router configure devices into a LAN environment?

Learn how a Comtrend CT-5621 router can configure devices into a LAN environment, rather than just the Internet, in this expert response from Carrie Higbie.

My ISP has provided me with a DSL Ethernet router which is configured for MER. I have three PCs connected to the Ethernet ports. What I am wondering is can this kind of router (Comtrend CT-5621) be configured so that my three PCs can communicate in a LAN environment rather than just being able to communicate with the Internet as individual devices?
According to their literature, it can operate in either bridge or router mode. As these devices are generally maintained by your Internet provider, they may have restrictions. However, you technically should be able to set up a local LAN provided that visibility from port to port is not blocked.
This was last published in October 2007

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