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Can I use this D-Link Wireless Broadband router as a hub to connect my PC's in workgroup?

I have two laptops and two desktop PC's in my office. And I have a D-Link hub to connect these computers in workgroup. And I am using win proxy to share Internet. Recently I am getting problem with D-Link hub, I think it need to be changed.

I am planning to buy a D-Link wireless access point to connect my laptop with wireless PC card.

My questions are:
1. Can I use this D-Link Wireless Broadband Router as a hub to connect my four PC's in workgroup? Because it has four extra RJ-45 connectors.
2. What is the best way to connect my second laptop with wireless PC card.
The embedded hub in the D-Link Wireless Broadband Router can indeed be used to replace your existing 4-port hub.

You can also connect your laptop with a wireless PC card to the wireless AP that's embedded in this router. Just configure both the router and laptop to use the same SSID and (optionally) WEP keys or WPA secret. Be sure that you buy a compatible 802.11 card and router - for example, both 802.11b/g or both 802.11a. You don't need to spend extra for a tri-mode router if you are only connecting one wireless station.

After you connect your four desktops to the router's hub and your laptop to the router's AP, you will have one LAN. The desktops and laptop will be able to send traffic to each other. The next step is to decide what to do for Internet sharing. You are currently using WinProxy and you could continue to do so. But since you are purchasing a wireless router, you may as well use the router for Internet sharing. You will probably find the setup instructions and wizard for the router fairly straightforward and have little trouble replicating your WinProxy setup in the wireless broadband router.

This was last published in October 2003

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