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Can I use a token ring print server on my Ethernet network?

Can I use a token ring print server (HP JETDIRECT 500X) on my Ethernet network? (Print server has RJ-45 labeled "token ring: UDP" and a com like connector labeled "token ring")
Unfortunately you will not be able to directly connect your HP Jetdirect to any Ethernet network since it only support token ring.

Token ring and Ethernet are two different protocols that are not compatible with each other. In order to use a token ring device I.E. for your print server, you'll need some type of bridge or gateway that will 'translate' between the two type of networks, that is, from token ring to Ethernet and vice versa. In most cases, this proves to be expensive and more trouble than what it's worth.

Your probably better off purchasing a new print server that will work on an Ethernet network.

You can also visit HP's forums which are an excellent source of information and you will be able to get more help on their products by simply posting your questions:

This was last published in July 2003

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