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Can I use a switch and set-up a VLAN to give a select group in my network Internet access?

I have a Win2K network, two servers and a Sonic firewall. Feeding all this is a Cable Modem and just a 16 Port Hub. There is also a Linksys WAP.

I need to give Internet connectivity only to another area and I do not have access to the Firewall or one of the...

servers. Can I use a switch and set-up a VLAN so that I can give that other area Internet access? If so, what Switch would you suggest (very small budget) and how would I go about this? Can I run the switch off the current Hub and then get another WAP so I can have that other area access via wireless technology and still be on there own segment? Is this switch difficult to set-up?

I would recommend setting up a separate VLAN for these users. Cisco/ Nortel/ Intel has some low range Switches which might fit your budget. These switches are not that hard to set up. The way I would proceed would be to create a Network/topology design and then setup the new VLAN accordingly. Also, I would never put another WAP inside this new design.

You can also check out my earlier responses for information on a similar problem. (Responses dated Jan 19, 2002 & Feb. 22,2002).

This was last published in October 2003

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