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Can I use PBX with a 3640 router with FXS, FX0 and E/M voice cards?

Using PBX with a 3640 router with FXS, FX0 and E/M voice cards.

I have a 3640 router with FXS, FX0 and E/M voice cards. Can I use a PBX with this router?

Could you provide a sample configuration to make calls via the PBX over MPLS to different 2612 routers in other locations?

First of all -- MPLS doesn't make any difference. It just an IP transport network. You can use your 3640 with PBX. FXO helps you connect to a PSTN or a PBX. FXS allows connection to the basic telephone equipment. E&M allows connection for PBX trunk lines.

Sample configuration is given below:
Phone(1234)---Gateway_router1…IP Network….Gateway_router2---Phone(5678)

Assume that port 1/0 is used on router1 and port 1/0/1 is used on router 2. Codec being used is g711. WAN IP address on router 1 is and on router 2 is These ip address could be IP of you PE router connecting to MPLS network. Configuration on both the routers are given below. Please check before doing it on live network.

Gateway Router 1 configuration
voice-port 1/0/0 
dial-peer voice 1 pots 
destination-pattern 1234 
port 1/0/0 
dial-peer voice 10 voip 
destination-pattern 5678 
session target ipv4: 
codec g711ulaw 

Gateway Router 2 Configuration
voice-port 1/0/1 
dial-peer voice 2 pots 
destination-pattern 5678 
port 1/0/0 
dial-peer voice 20 voip 
destination-pattern 1234 
session target ipv4: 
codec g711ulaw

This was last published in June 2006

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