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Can I set up a VPN on my wireless router?

Learn about the difference between functions in a consumer and pro-sumer cable modem and how to set up your VPN on your wireless router, in this Q&A.

My high speed provider requires a VPN login through my cable modem after assigning a DHCP address to the network card. Is there a way to set up this VPN connection on my wireless router (Netgear 624 54g router) along with it receiving the automatic IP address that is required in order for it to connect? I was able to use the wireless by using the VPN login from my PC with the modem connected to the router. But I could only use one computer at a time and had to start and stop the VPN connection for each computer.

If your Netgear 624 is intelligent enough, it may have the ability to automatically establish the broadband link and authenticate when it receives traffic destined for the Internet. Look in the advance setting on the router and read the manual to see if it has this. Most consumer routers do not, but often times the "pro-sumer" model and professional routers will.

This was last published in July 2007

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