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Can I read SearchNetworking.com's information in other languages?

Do you want translations of SearchNetworking.com material in languages other than English? Tessa Parmenter shows you which sites hold SearchNetworking.com resources from around the globe.

Are there translations or versions of the SearchNetworking.com website in Arabic or Farsi? What international websites does TechTarget have, so that I may find your content in other languages?
Unfortunately, TechTarget does not have any websites in Arabic or Farsi. You could try using an online translation tool like Google's Language Tool page. I don't know how well it translates, but here's an example of SearchNetworking.com in Arabic using the resource above.

To answer the second part of your question, there are fully translated versions of SearchNetworking.com in the following regions:

We also have co-branded content programs in the Benelux region (Belgium, Luxembourg, and Netherlands) at MarQIT.nl.

On our company homepage, you can view maps of TechTarget's international presence to view more websites in other languages from TechTarget.

I hope that helps!

This was last published in March 2009

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