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Can I get monthly updates of IT networking content?

Learn how to subscribe to SearchNetworking.com's monthly newsletter containing a retention of networking news, how-to tips, blog entries, podcasts, videos, guides and more.

Does SearchNetworking.com have a monthly newsletter of aggregated site content? I was subscribed to the Month in Review newsletter but haven't seen it recently. Where can I find monthly updates on IT networking content?
The Networking Media Group recently launched a new sister site: SearchEnterpriseWAN.com. Anyone who subscribed to both SearchNetworking.com's Month in Review newsletter and Wide Area Network newsletter started to receive SearchEnterpriseWAN.com's monthly WAN Update newsletter when they launched.

If you happen to focus on networking topics that fall outside the realm of wide area networking -- like virtualization, wireless LANs, data center networking, network management or administration -- then SearchNetworking.com's Month in Review newsletter is for you.

To subscribe (or re-subscribe) just edit your TechTarget profile preferences by going into your profile (by clicking the "Edit your Profile" link in the top right side of any TechTarget website you're logged into) and checking the box under SearchNetworking.com that says "Updates on new site content." Doing this will ensure you receive the most timely and pertinent news coverage, technical tips and advice on networking technologies in a digestible monthly newsletter.

This was last published in May 2009

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