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Can I get an IT technician certificate online?

Training and certification expert Ed Tittel explains how to obtain an IT technician certificate online in this Q&A.

Is there a way I can get an IT technician certificate online? I'm working as an IT tech/network administrator in AT&T call center in Iraq under the company of ITTGSO.

Dear Sir:

You can pursue both certificate and degree plans in IT online. Well-known training purveyors (Chubb Institute, ITT Institute, DeVry Institute, and so forth) and many four-year institutions with online programs (University of Phoenix, University of Maryland, Villanova, and so forth) offer one or both kinds of programs to anyone who can qualify and pay for their offerings. Search for "IT technician training online" to see what I mean.

Indeed you can do this if you're ready to devote some serious time and effort in pursuing a certificate or degree.

Best of luck in those pursuits!


This was last published in July 2007

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