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Can I assign switches to use a set of ports?

Learn how to set up your switch to use a set of ports for different types of access in this expert response.

I am setting up a test network using a DS3 line and Network Nightmare to simulate different speeds of Internet access. I will be using a Cisco 3750g switch. How can I set the switch to use a set of ports for each type of access -- i.e., getting ports 1-10 to emulate cable 1.5 mbps, then ports 11-20 to be DSL at 6.0 mbps and so on?

Hi Doug,

I haven't worked on network simulator so I do not know how you can configure that box to achieve that. But from Cisco IOS you can bundle these ports into a group and assign bandwidth to those ports. You can use QOS to limit bandwidth.

Hope this helps.

This was last published in September 2007

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