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Cable and DSL together

I have a cable modem and a DSL Internet connections. Both are hooked up to my LAN. On my LAN I have W2K Adv Srvr and W2K Pro machines. Right now, the two connections work independently of one another.

How can I configure my network to accept and share both incoming connections as to provide with a back up should one of them be down for a moment, and to also increase bandwidth if possible?
Thank you

PS. I looked at the Multilink and BAP protocols but i think they only work with dial up connections
You will need to buy a router or set up a computer that can handle routing (Windows 2000 can, however you will need 3 network cards). The setup is easy. Set up the computer/router with a Wan interface on the DSL subnet and then set up another Wan interface on the Cable subnet. Create a third subnet for your private network and add static routes to each subnet. If you are using an advanced router like Cisco you can configure it to have a backup gateway (However, this is pricey so you may want to do some research before you buy the router/computer). Using an old P133 with FreeBSD may be all you need to enable routing on your home LAN for free.

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