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CS degree needed?

What do you think of somebody who's got a degree in Accounting, but never practised it, And has over 5 years of experience in networking, and Certified in that, he's got :
1- MCSE on Windows 2000-exchange server.
2- CCNA.
3- CEC - Certified E-commerce Consultant.
Will his accounting degree stop him from being employed, because he's not graduated from Computer Science ... ?
Absolutely not! Most bachelor's degrees have even less to do with what people do for a living (my first BA was in Anthropology, and it didn't stop me). What you've been doing for the past 5 years and your IT certs should be strong enough to position you as a serious IT professional. Just having the degree is about as much good as it does anyway, especially 5 or more years out of school.
This was last published in April 2002

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