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CISSP reading list

I am planning to take my CISSP exam in a few months. I read the CISSP prep guide, All-In-One by Shone Harris. At present I am reading Infosec Management handbook by Tipton. Just wanted to know about anything that I might be missing.
There are lots of good resources to help you figure out what to read and study before taking the CISSP exam. The Shon Harris book certainly has a good reputation and will help you get ready, as will the Tipton book. If you visit Amazon, you can find numerous "recommended reading lists" for the CISSP exam from various candidates and experts there. I myself have put together a 2-part article that describes a "computer security bookshelf" specifically aimed at CISSP preparation as well. You can visit these pieces by jumping to www.informit.com, then using the search engine on "tittel bookshelf" and following the resulting links. Likewise, a visit to Google using "CISSP reading list" as the search string produces a surprisingly large and sometimes useful set of results.

Happy hunting, and good luck with your exam.

This was last published in May 2003

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