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CCVP certification: Job market availability for unified communications

Are there opportunities in the job market for Cisco Certified Voice Professionals (CCVP)? Our certification expert explains where you can apply this voice specialty and what your salary increases to after obtaining this cert.

What are the opportunities in the job market for Cisco Certified Voice Professionals (CCVP)? I want know where obtaining a CCVP certification might be useful.
The opportunities for a CCVP candidate are growing considerably and will continue to grow in the next few years. Mainly, this is due to the increase of converged networks. According to Cisco, more than 70% of all Fortune 500 companies using Cisco Unified Communications products and 69% of approximately 1,500 companies surveyed expect to employ a dedicated voice specialist by 2012. Not to mention that the average salary increases by almost $20,000 between a CCNA and CCVP certified individual.
This was last published in January 2009

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