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CCNA Exam 640-607

I want to do CCNA Exam 640-607 myself. I am system engineer in an leading internet downlink solution provider in this region (Pakistan). I have 4 years of experience in computer networks but I want to become a Cisco expert. So I decided to do all Cisco certifications. But question is: How to prepare myself for the CCNA exams?
Dear Jawad:
The best self-study tools to help you prepare for the CCNA 640-607 exam include the following:

  1. Wendell Odom: Cisco Press 640-607 Certification Guide (3rd Edition); they also publish a great set of 640-607 flash cards as well
  2. Toddd Lammle and Bill Tedder: CCNA Virtual Training Certification Kit
  3. I'd also recommend buying one or more sets of practice tests from reputable vendors like Transcender, Self Test Software, MeasureUp, or PrepLogic.

    Good luck as you prepare for your exam.

This was last published in September 2002

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