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CCNA 640-607 exam

I am currently thinking of taking the CCNA 640-607 examination. There are so many books available to help one prepare for the examination. Which are the best that have the best reputation?
Among the many titles available on 640-607 exam, the Wendell Odom book from Cisco Press (ISBN: 0-7357-0971-8; just make sure you get a 2nd or 3rd printing, because the first had some errors that have since been fixed) and the Todd Lamle book from Sybex books (ISBN: 0-7821-4167-6; the deluxe edition also includes some simulator software). You can always rely reasonably well on customer reviews at Amazon as well, so check out 640-607 in their search engine if you need anything else.

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This was last published in December 2002

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Troubleshooting IP Routing -- 'CCNA Official Exam Certification Library, 3rd Edition,' Chapter 7 This chapter from 'CCNA Official Exam Certification Library, 3rd Edition' focuses on troubleshooting the IP routing process. To that end, it begins with a section about two important troubleshooting tools: ping and traceroute. Following that, the chapter examines the IP routing process from a troubleshooting perspective, particularly focusing on how to isolate routing problems to identify the root cause of the problem. The final section covers a wide variety of small topics, all of which can be useful when you're troubleshooting IP routing problems. The chapter also includes a helpful "do I know this already" quiz, to determine whether you need to read the full chapter or can move ahead to the exam preparation section.

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