By making Citrix CloudStack open source, did Citrix desert OpenStack?

By making Citrix CloudStack open source, rumors spread that the vendor was deserting OpenStack. This, however, may not be the case.

By making Citrix CloudStack open source, did the vendor desert OpenStack?

The industry's rumor mill went wild over claims that Citrix Systems deserted OpenStack after the vendor gave its once proprietary CloudStack platform to the Apache Foundation. Citrix executives insisted they weren't abandoning the platform, however. Instead, they claimed the move was a tactic to gain traction for CloudStack, encourage outside involvement in the project and foster a more open CloudStack environment.

Meanwhile, Citrix said its customers were questioning OpenStack's maturity. It recognized CloudStack could be a viable alternative because it was more mature, having already been developed for commercial use. And now that providers have more options when it comes to their Infrastructure as a Service clouds, increased technological collaboration between CloudStack and OpenStack could follow. That allows customers to determine what combination of solutions makes the most sense for their companies.

For more information: check out our OpenStack tutorial for providers.

This was last published in July 2013

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