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Bandwidth utilization

I have a 50 Ethernet circuit going from my switch to a Nortel ADM over a fiber span to another Nortel ADM to my switch. How can I find out my bandwidth utilization quickly and with old school math by using commands in my router or switch? Basically are there any specific equations from the Show Int command?
It's easy to find the short term utilization by looking at the 'show int' command. By default Cisco tells you the 5 minute average utilization. If you want a longer term picture of how much bandwidth you are using, you can use the counters to determine an average utilization over longer periods of time. Simply do a 'clear count' at some point, wait for however long of a period that you want to know the utilization for, then divide the total bytes by the number of seconds since you cleared the counters (which 'show int' will also tell you). Now this will be in bytes/sec so you may want to divide by 8 to get bits/sec.
(Answered by Brandon Ross, VP of Operations, Sockeye Networks.)
This was last published in September 2002

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