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BGP routing

I have a few questions relating to BGP routing.
  1. When there is a route change, how does a BGP router handle that?
  2. At what time scale can a BGP router discover a route change?

Thanks, Jennifer
Hi Jennifer,
  1. BGP employs a process called route dampening, which takes care of routes that change frequently. It assigns those routes a penalty and after a certain limit those routes are rendered useless. Now while in suspended state routes are again monitored and if they are stable for a time period (called half-life) there penalty is reduced. Each half-life penalty is reduced to a certain limit. When this penalty is reduced below a certain limit (reuse limit) they are put back again in routing table. All these parameters are configurable.
  2. As in route dampening you can configure half-life. If it's the initial flapped route, as soon as NLRI is not there or the TCP connection breaks BGP will come to know that route has changed.

This was last published in May 2003

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