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As an expert in network management, could you please let me know what you think about AdRem NetCrunc

As an expert in network management, could you please let me know what you think about AdRem NetCrunch for network monitoring?
I am actually NOT an expert on Network Management Systems (NMS) but I believe that there is significant overlap between network performance and network management.

This is yet another question that benefits from referencing back to an oft-referenced previous answer on the Best Practices for Network Monitoring https://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/answer/Practices-for-monitoring-a-networks-performance. This answer provides a high-level metric by which NetCrunch can be assessed. So let's look for some of those criteria in NetCrunch's description:

  • There are some end-to-end views generated although they are relatively shallow in terms of data and diagnostics
  • Typical to most forms of NMS, this is not a rapid deployment and configuration infrastructure – many, if not most, devices that it will track will have to be inserted and configured manually
  • It will not provide views into networks that you don't own although it may provide some information about the paths through them
  • It does provide monitoring on an on-going basis
  • It makes a best-effort cut at bringing the available information together in a unified view
  • It isn't clear if/how it supports a variety of NOC work processes
  • It relies more on trending and less on real-time assessment
  • So overall, from a 50,000 feet, this looks like a reasonable low-cost substitute for the typically expensive NMS (e.g. OpenView or Tivoli). However, the rumor from the field is that most businesses find this traditional style of NMS to be ineffective, expensive to maintain, and they are typically shelved or only maintained at very simple levels. In general, the Enterprise NMS market has settled down and is no longer growing very actively.

    That said, if the price is right and the functionality is focused in the right areas, it may be a good entrÉe for SMB (small/medium business) into important network management capabilities. It warrants some further investigation.

    NOTE: I have no association with AdRem and I have only reviewed the capabilities of NetCrunch as they are described online.

    This was last published in October 2003

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