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Are there any up-and-coming stars to replace recently discontinued PDA VPN products?

In March you discussed various options for PDA VPN. Since then, Certicom issued an end-of-life notice on Movian VPN client; Funk Software no longer sells their AdmitOne VPN client. Are there any up-and-coming stars to replace these PDA VPN products? We now use Movian, IPsec and CISCO with RSA Securid support.
Vendors now shipping third-party IPsec VPN clients for Pocket PCs include Maya Software and V-ONE. As operating systems have matured, IPsec has been embedded into TCP/IP stacks – for example, embedded IPsec clients are now included with new Symbian OS and Windows Mobile 2003 PDAs.

Embedded IPsec could reduce demand for third-party VPN clients. In the Win32 market, third-party IPsec clients...

have persisted because they are easier to use and provide value-added features when paired with remote access concentrators – your Win32 Cisco VPN client is a good example. Only time will tell if the same trend will hold for PDA IPsec clients, but here's one example: Bluefire announced that it will add a VPN client to its centrally-administered Pocket PC security suite by the end of this year.

This was last published in December 2004

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