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Are there any specific certifications that would help me build my career in the wireless technologie

I am fresh graduate with a master's degree. I have some experience with wireless sensor networks and mobile communication technologies like GSM, GPRS and UTMS. Are there any specific certifications that would help me build my career in the wireless technologies industries?
Before you go after any certifications, I'd urge you to check the job market in your current situation and see what's available. This is a rapidly growing area and qualified professionals are needed for engineering, research and development, and design and deployment positions. If you can talk cogently and convincingly enough about your abilities and knowledge, and draw on what you learned and can do as a result of earning your degree, certification may not be necessary.

Right now, except for some engineering focused credentials that have yet to come to fruition, there really aren't any exclusively wireless certs that don't aim at installers or administrators/security professionals who monitor and manage wireless networks. This sounds like it may be outside your actual interest and expertise, so I'd look into those only as a next resort after checking your current employability. Should that next step be necessary, though you'll want to investigate wireless certifications from the Certified Wireless Network Professional program and the wireless installer credential from the National Association of Radio and Television Engineers.

This was last published in June 2005

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