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Are there any hardware labs that can help me prepare for the CCSP?

I am currently retiring from the Navy and desire to pursue the CCSP cert. Are there any hardware labs that can be purchased to help pursue this certification?

I'm not aware of any pre-packaged hardware labs that can be purchased per se to prepare you for the CCSP. That said, you might want to consider attending classroom training for the credential, as that usually provides students with hands-on access to labs and equipment to help them prepare for the exams. Don't forget that local community colleges and trade schools (DeVry, ITT, Chubb Institute and so forth) are also usually viable, lower-cost alternatives to offerings from private training companies like Global Knowledge or New Horizons (but all of these outfits offer connections to lenders for education loans if that's an alternative for you, and many of them also provide training that GI Bill benefits will cover: you need to ask them point-blank about such things, however, to get the straight dope).

You can (and should) also poke around on the Web for information and advice about how to equip your own CCSP study lab at home. I know TCP Magazine ran a series of articles a couple of years ago about how to do this for the CCNA/CCNP exams, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't find similar information as to how to do this for the CCSP as well. If all else fails, e-mail me at etittel@techtarget.com and I can contact my friends here in Austin at Cisco, who just happen to run the security cert programs, and see if they know of any such recommendations.

Good luck in making the transition to civilian life. I'm an Army brat myself, and watched my Dad go through some serious changes when he made the switch way back in 1970. I hope you'll enjoy your new life and career as much (or more than) you enjoyed your last one. Best of luck!

This was last published in October 2005

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