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Are there LEAP compliant CF or SD cards available today?

I was wondering if there are any LEAP compliant CF or SD cards available or in development (timeframe?) in the marketplace today.

I would like to avoid using an iPAQ with an expansion module to house a PCMCIA Aironet card, as this option is far too clunky.

I'd like to think someone somewhere is working on this, but can't seem to find anything of the sort anywhere.
You're not going to want to hear this but LEAP has been effectively deprecated by Cisco Systems. The future of LEAP is PEAP (Protected EAP) and as such I can't see many people (Cisco in particular) developing software or firmware for new (or existing) CF / SD cards.

If you're looking for security on handhelds I can only give you the following advice…

Use expansion modules with Cisco PCMCIA cards OR wait for WPA software for your handhelds and implement EAP-TLS. Certificate based authentication and encryption is by far the best form of security around and assuming you have a limited number of PDAs the administrative overhead won't be too great.

This was last published in July 2003

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