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Are there Cisco certifications in wireless technology?

Learn what Cisco certifications are available in wireless technology from expert David Minutella; plus, find out the future of wireless technology in WAN networks.

I'm in wireless networking, so I wanted to know if there is any Cisco certification in wireless technology. Also, do you know what the future will be for wireless technology in WAN networks?


Cisco definitely has some specialized certifications for wireless such as Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Design Specialist, Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Field Specialist, and Cisco Advanced Wireless LAN Sales Specialist which essentially is perfect for designers, administrators, and Cisco channel partners who deal specifically with Cisco wireless networks. Also, wireless technologies are becoming more and more apparent in other Cisco certifications too such as the CCNP and it is rumored to be a solid concept for the next revision of the CCNA exams.

Most of the certifications focus on Wireless LAN as opposed to Wireless WAN concepts; however, wireless WANs are not down and out by any means. In fact, since ISDN is no longer a viable or prevalent solution for backup links, wireless (as well as broadband) have become the mainstay for having inexpensive redundant connectivity for a WAN.

This was last published in July 2007

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